New technologies are, in general, applied for the first time in the defence sector, and the experience gained therein is integrated into the needs of the civil field. VR, AR and MR technologies were originally used to meet the training needs of military personnel, for whom applications have been developed that provide training at both tactical and operational levels.

With the development of AR and MR technologies, the use of these technologies has begun to expand beyond the training domain, with solutions now available for use in the field. By integrating these technologies into real-time systems, tailor-made applications and systems can be developed for use in a variety of areas, such as situational awareness, tactical planning, assured operational data flow and decision-making support.

By integrating AR/MR technologies with the experience gained from the projects in which it has been involved in the
Information Systems and Aerospace fields,

Ante Grup is today developing applications that serve the defence sector.

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