Virtual Training Systems are computer-assisted training systems that can teach technical personnel how to respond to real failures. These systems facilitate the provision of interactive training in the relevant procedures involving animations that are supported by video, audio narration, 2D/3D schematics and real images.

Virtual Maintenance Trainers can provide:

  • real training on vehicles, components, parts and equipment models in a virtual environment;
  • training in all kinds of operations, without security or physical constraints; and
  • customised training in accordance with the level of the student, incorporating also effective assessment and evaluation tools.

Virtual Maintenance Trainers have become an effective tool for the provision of on-site/on-vehicle training and real-time training in maintenance procedures, involving interactions with AR and MR technologies, carrying training in the following topics beyond the limits of the computer environment:

  • Maintenance documentation and follow-up;
  • Interactive repair operations and procedures;
  • Troubleshooting and control procedures; and
  • Fault-finding techniques.
Ante Grup develops applications that satisfy the training and operational needs of technical personnel in both the civil and defence fields, involving the integration of AR/MR technologies into Virtual Maintenance Trainers.
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