Ante Grup successfully applies the experience and knowledge it has gained in military projects in the field of management information systems to its projects in the civil sector.

Regardless of the field in which your company operates, you need to decide on the innovations that you need to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

To this end, you should accurately digitize all steps in your business, and should build systems that can guide you in making the right decisions based on the results.

You cannot measure anything that cannot be defined, nor can you manage or improve anything that you cannot measure. With its expert analyst teams, Ante Grup designs systems that allow you to both define and measure all stages in your business.


Considered to be one of the first examples of a management information system, the so-called “Quipus” tool was used by the Incas from the early 13th century through to the first quarter of the 16th century (1200–1525).


In 1494, Luca Pacioli, a Venetian scientist, developed a double-stranded accounting system based on creditor-debtor account transactions.


The management information system concept emerged in 1958, although research has revealed that the management information system concept did not enter into use until the late 1960s.


In 1971 and 1972, magnetic disks were developed for the storage and reuse of computer data.


In 1973, computers containing microprocessors were produced for the first time.


From the 1980s onwards, following the emergence of industrial computers, personal computers were introduced for use in the office and home.


Developments in three areas made important contributions to today's modern management information systems. The most important of these was the development of computer and communication devices, followed by the development of accounting systems and management theories.


The information required at all levels of the organisation should be managed correctly if corporate goals are to be attained. In addition to adapting this management concept to the functioning of the organization, taking the ever-increasing threats to information security into consideration is one of the key requirements to be fulfilled to counter the loss of customers, money and time.

In the systems it builds, Ante Grup accurately analyses the needs of your business and takes into consideration the “need to know” concept that is one of the basic principles of counter-intelligence (CI). As a result, the information that is important for your company remains strictly under your control.

You can get ahead of the competition by supporting your existing processes with current technologies, and by designing them in a cost-effective manner.

Laboratory Information Management System

This is the ERP system of the Food Control Laboratories of the Turkish Armed Forces, being an Internet-based management system that permits the management of all steps of the process, from sample acceptance to the production of reports. Our software has passed all the necessary security tests and is now serving on the KARANET network.

TURKCELL Onedesk Project

This is an improvement and maintenance project for the system that was developed in integration with the flow platform used by Turkcell, and that permits the sharing of data with many units through views and web services created to ensure both direct database access and information privacy.

TURKCELL FreeCooling Management System

A management system was produced that, by connecting to base station cooling devices, permits the instant reading of data, remote device configuration and the conversion of incoming data into meaningful reports.

SODEXO Integrated Service Software Development

Production line planning software, mobile and web-based Helpdesk management software, survey management software, and meeting room and order management software were developed for the SODEXO company.

Türksat Model Satellite Competition Application and Process Tracking Portal

This is a project for the development of a web-based management portal that ensures information security, where candidates can make applications for the Model Satellite Competition organized by Türksat each year for Teknofest, and where such processes as monitoring, appointment, evaluation and finalisation of the teams participating in the competition can be managed and monitored.

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