Mobile systems that permit all stakeholders working with your systems to access and process the necessary data without needing to access a computer can also serve as subsystems for the provision of inputs to your existing systems. This has been made possible by the advent of sensors and wearable technologies that are becoming more accessible day-by-day as a result of the developing technologies in both the military and civilian fields.

In the projects it has implemented, Ante Grup ensures that inputs are provided to the decision support systems, as the most important feature of management information systems, involving the collection, analysis and aggregation of the data provided by the sensors.

With regard to the software work packages procured under the “Wired In-Flight Entertainment System (KIFE)” project in which Ante Grup was involved, the company has successfully fulfilled the development, project management, configuration management and quality management requirements.

    As part of the mobile application developed for the SODEXO company, Ante Grup has made the following software packages available for the use of the requesting departments:
  • Production line planning software;
  • Mobile- and web-based Helpdesk management software;
  • Survey management software; and
  • Meeting room and order management software.
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