Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy of ANTE Grup is to provide a timely, reliable, economical, and trouble-free service and to ensure the development and continuity of these services, with an institutionalized business understanding, for the public and military institutions, private sector and universities by using the most advanced technologies

Fulfilling our services with this understanding, our key policies are;

  • To accept the quality in the service as a cultural value,
  • To adopt the principle of decision making based on knowledge and data,
  • To protect all information asset, delivered by the customer in accordance with signed contracts, that Ante Group retains, maintains, processes, shared with other private or public institutions according to the principles of privacy, integrity, accessibility and laws,
  • To ensure the continuity of work by minimizing interruptions and damage caused by security incidents,
  • To make every effort to meet customer requirements and expectations at the highest level and to maintain the reputation of our company,
  • To meet the terms of conditions and requirements of the standards of Integrated Management System
  • To comply with the relevant legal requirements, regulations and the conditions expected by the sector and the customer,
  • To be selective during the process of recruitment of personnel having in mind the motto that the biggest capital of our company is ""brainpower" and to increase their knowledge, skills, and experience by training our staff within our company, to strengthen their personnel commitment, to keep the will of learning of the people at the highest level by encouraging the staff who have been added to our company, to provide them with all kinds of training opportunities for the development of personnel in line with this purpose,
  • To adopt teamwork in our services and to make a habit of offering customer-oriented and trouble-free services,
  • To increase the quality levels of our products and services further by enabling our suppliers to adopt our understanding of quality,
  • To closely monitor and implement developments in science and technology in order to improve the quality of service and to take the necessary measures,
  • To persuade our employees that we can prevent environmental damages and labour accidents in addition to all kinds of injuries and health deterioration together and to take the necessary precautions accordingly,
  • To identify the risks of an Integrated Management System and to manage the risks systematically,
  • To audit all the activities within the scope of the Integrated Management System, to review audit results and to make necessary arrangements, To review and improve the Integrated Management System continuously.

Mehmet Kenan KÖROĞLU


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