Ante Grup provides software development and testing services in compliance with RTCA/DO-178C guide related to safety-critical systems in the military and civil aviation fields.

Ante Grup has been contributing to the revisions and additional improvements required for the modules developed previously within the Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft Electronic Support Measures Development Project aimed at satisfying the needs of Air Force Command in the field of reconnaissance, surveillance and command & control.

Ante Grup has provided software development, project management, configuration management, and quality management services under the “Wired In-Flight Entertainment System (KIFE)” project – one of the projects in which Ante Grup expanded its capabilities in avionics systems.

The term “avionics” was coined by a British reporter as a portmanteau of the English words “aviation“ and “electronics”. Having incorporated such milestones as the advent of radar systems and autopilot technologies during its rapid development, the avionics system sector is one of the fastest developing fields in Turkey on the basis of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

Through the application of its experience in avionics systems, Ante Grup has been contributing to the development of the following subsystems as a subcontractor within the Project for the Development of Integrated Simulator Systems for the Civil Simulator:
  • Boeing Binary Data Package (BDP) of the Aircraft Systems Software;
  • Qualification Test Guide (QTG) Tool, for use in EASA Level D certification processes;
  • Airbus A320 Std 2.0.0 SSP Interface Software;
  • Instructor Operating Station (IOS);
  • Debrief System;
  • Environmental and Auxiliary Simulation Software (Atmospheric model audio interface software; ATIS, RC, ATC Models’ Input/Output Interface Software);
  • Glass Cockpit Software;
  • Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) Software.
With its expert staff, Ante Grup provides support in

avionics testing

to companies in the defence and aerospace sector.
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