These software systems are optimized according to the hardware in which they are installed in order to achieve high efficiency in such areas as power consumption, code size and execution time. They operate in an error-free manner and have greater hardware dependency than other types of software.

We provide services, in compliance with the ISO IEC 12207 standard, to determine the operating system based on such system requirements as multitasking, synchronisation, interrupt & event handling, I/O, inter-task communication, timers and clocks and memory management, and to develop and test the software required by such operating systems.

In the embedded system projects it undertakes, Ante Grup uses the following product families: Rational ClearCase for configuration management; Rational ClearQuest for change management; Rational DOORS for requirement management; and IBM Rational Rhapsody for embedded system software.

Making use of its capabilities in embedded system software, Ante Grup is providing system-subsystem improvement services under the following projects: the Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft Electronic Support Measures Development Project aimed at satisfying the needs of Air Force Command in the field of reconnaissance, surveillance and command & control; the “Wired In-Flight Entertainment System (KIFE)” Project; and the Project for the Development of Integrated Simulator Systems for the Civil Simulator.

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