Within the Project for the Development of Integrated Simulator Systems for the Civil Simulator, Ante Grup has been involved in the development of both the software and hardware components of an indigenous “A320 NEO/CEO Full Flight Simulator” that can simulate the tasks of the flight crew aboard different types of aircraft. As part of the project, a platform is being developed that will be used in EASA Level D certification processes.

Ante Grup has also been contributing to the development of the following sub-software units:

  • Boeing Binary Data Package (BDP) for the Aircraft Systems Software;
  • Qualification Test Guide (QTG) Tool, for use in EASA Level D certificat
  • ion processes;
  • Airbus A320 Std 2.0.0 SSP Interface Software;
  • Instructor Operating Station (IOS);
  • Debrief System;
  • Environmental and Auxiliary Simulation Software (Atmospheric model audio interface software; ATIS, RC, ATC Models’ Input/Output Interface Software);
  • Glass Cockpit Software; and
  • Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) Software.

Ante Grup is continuing to develop institution-specific systems, making use of the competences acquired in the simulation and simulator systems projects in which it has been involved.

Under the current conditions, activities in both the civil and military fields for the training of personnel aimed at increasing their capacity and capabilities create a significant burden in terms of time, space, labour and budget.

In addition to this, classroom training with paper and pencils can transfer knowledge only up to a basic level of comprehension. This type of training does not engage the person being trained, and is carried out only for procedural purposes. Considering the resources spent, the effectiveness of such training is minimal.

Simulation and Simulator Systems integrate technologies into personnel training, involving the creation of unique, cost-effective training systems that transfer knowledge on a practical level, with numerous institution-specific and repeatable scenario possibilities, thus offering significant savings in time, space and risk.

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